tues dec 12/sleeping is giving in

December 13, 2006

I could use some sort of blog space that is more like a diary than my picture blog/other blog http://beulahland.blogs.com/. I used to always have a journal as a kid. So here goes, my day, diary style:

Well, let’s just skip to the evening. As I was coming home, about to get off at Gilbert on the 202, Becky called to say they were going to admit Mom due to her infection/wound on her foot. So I told Beck I would come get Dad to bring him home. Went to the hospital, saw her, and got him home and he just went to bed. I’m hoping he won’t get up, I did everything I could to make sure he would go to bed, like getting him soup, letting him turn all the lights off, talking about the pets and saying he needed to go to bed so the cats could get in bed with him. Now I’m here in the computer room hoping he will stay in bed. Since his head injury two years ago, he has to be taken care of  like he’s a child.

I was just reading today about methods for getting children to sleep thru the night. One is the let them cry it out method so they will learn to sleep on their own, but of course this one is really hard on parents…..anyways….

 As for my mom, I hope they figure out what the infection is soon. Possibly she got it because her body is weakened by the chemo she had for the past since summer.

 It’s cold in this house and I really need to go to bed but this is the first moment i have had to myself all day and i don’t feel like giving up yet.

 As the Arcade Fire song says, “sleeping is giving in”.


2 Responses to “tues dec 12/sleeping is giving in”

  1. Maria Toth Says:

    Just checking out your site.
    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  2. dejavisite Says:

    Hi Maria, glad for the visit, thanks! 🙂

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