dear diary [rambling stream of consciousness] does WordPress have spellcheck?

December 15, 2006

my mom is back from her 3 day stay at the hospital. yay! and she seems to be feeling well. i cannot stand hospitals. i’m grateful for them, but really do not want to be in them. my mom has been thru a lot….. i want things to finally be back to normal for her…

i didn’t see any Geminids meteorites last nite. which isnt to say i didnt look. there’s just too many city lights and it would’ve taken a long time to outdrive the city lights. not that i didnt try. at least i started to drive south but then realized it wasnt going to work, its not like i could stay up for hours just to get far enough away.

yay, i can wear jeans to work tomorrow. i really need to go to sleep soon so that i can be productive tomorrow. i’ve been dragging so much this week.

and then tomorrow night is the Advent service of friends of friends. and K’s brother’s Christmas party. i havent been in a “Christmas-y” mood, whatever that would mean or be. i had had this idea that i would write stuff in a blog all during Advent and i can write the stuff in my head, but everything seems to fade when i try to write it.

i know a lot of people who take creative writing type classes are given the assignment to just randomly write a few pages everyday—a stream of consciousness sort of thing. i think that is what i will do in this blog, not caring too much if it makes sense to folks who might happen upon it.

i was hearing last night on the radio about this study that i have been paying attention to for a while in Africa thta circumcison reduces the chances of getting HIV. i first heard of this study months ago and found it so interesting, there was the group of circumsized men and the control group, well they have quit the study because they say yes circumcision reduces the chances of getting HIV, not that its a magic bullet, obviously. anyways, any thing to do with Africa, aids, helping Africa, etc etc i find hugely fascinating.

i need to go drink some water. tea and soda are not water. y tambien nesicito ir a cama. ahorita!


One Response to “dear diary [rambling stream of consciousness] does WordPress have spellcheck?”

  1. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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