food (oil) bees (a movie not seen) dark nights

March 3, 2007

Three Sisters: I went to a gardening class at a coffee shop last week. The man teaching the class suggested experimenting with this form of gardening:

Corn in the middle, squash and beans planted once the corn gets 6″ tall, corn provides a trellis for the beans or squash.  One plant cools another and when one of them dies, it provides nutrients for the other. You have to plant enough corn though because they pollinate each other, but only if there is enough wind, otherwise you might have to do it yourself by brushing corn silk or tassels (or something) on the other corn, the man said. This man had dreadlocked hair down to his waist.

There were 12 people in the class. Two older ladies named Pauline and Julia. Pauline told me that she didn’t actually have a yard and so she couldn’t do anything but a little bit of container gardening, but she liked to help other people with their gardens.

There was one couple with a small child and the rest of the people in the class were men about my age. They were all married. The way I know this is because they were all wearing wedding rings. Later a woman around my age and her mother came in.

The teacher said we need to attract bees to our gardens and told us ways to do it. Some people lamented that they never see bees and then they talked about the nation-wide decline in bee populations. May be due to genitically modified foods,  I had heard on the radio.

I didn’t really want to brag that I have 2 bee colonies at my house, so I kept quiet and began to realize that I really need to baby my bees. Blessed enough to have bees around, I really ought to do something for them.

The teacher metioned something called the eco~hood. I looked it up and found out it’s people committed to moving into a neighborhood and making their homes and lives sustainable. Making their homes green and energy-efficient, creating community with their neighbors and growing food to share and trade. Using solar power and collecting rain water and using grey water.

It’s near Pierson and 7th Av.

Around March 1st is supposed to be a good time to plant here. I have this crazy dream of planting so much food that I could reduce my consumption of bought food to maybe 10-20%. I’d grow so much food I would share it with my friends and co-workers. Eventually I would grow so much that I would sell it to area restaurant and stores. And that’s the way I would make a living.

There’s a family in Pasadena who does this. They have a house on only a fifth of an acre and yet manage to farm intensively and get great results.

 I love the idea of cutting down all the oil that is used to get me my food. The more I think about it, it seems so incredibly not at all a good idea to be eating food that had to travel 500-1000-1500 miles to get to my plate. Or more. I shouldn’t be eating blueberries from New Zealand like I did the other day.

Ok, well I didn’t even plan to write anything here and now I just did. Once again I was going to try to go see Pan’s Labyrinth tonight with my friend and once again I am so incredibly exhausted. Friday night but all I want to do is sleep. I think my job is just too un-sustainable—-it’s just too incredibly far from where I live—-I just can’t think of what else I would do and I like it there. But I leave when it’s dark, I get home when it’s dark. The only way to garden would be to quit!


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